Especially for Mother’s Day…

A holiday in the midst of spring in full bloom, on the second Sunday of May, is dedicated to those whom we love and appreciate most in our lives – our unsurpassed mothers. A day of affection, kindness, and care devoted to our birth givers and greatest confidantes. This Mother’s Day, show your utmost gratitude and shower your mom with recognition and praise by taking the load of everyday chores off of her shoulders and spoil her with indulgence and attention.

Premium Unsalted Butter 200g Lowell Foods

With Lowell Foods, you’ll be able to find every product necessary to make this Mother’s Day delightful and enjoyable. The ideal way to truly cherish your mother would be to surprise her with a homemade pie or home-cooked dinner. Plenty of recipes for traditional bakery items, such as the all-popular cheesecake, call for the use of butter, margarine, or Farmer’s cheese to make the most delicious of cakes. Incorporate Lowell Foods “Krajanka” Farmer’s Cheese, or Lowell Premium Butter, into your recipes and surprise your mom with the best of home baking. Numerous pies also call for the use of fruits, such as blueberries, or various preserves, and we guarantee no better choice than Lowell Foods Fruits in Light Syrup (which may be extracted and added to your baking) or Lowell Foods Jams and Preserves. The perfect components for that sweet cake or pie for your mother to enjoy on Mother’s Day!


Lowell Foods can also assist in the preparation of a delicious home-cooked dinner for your mom, to relieve her of her everyday cooking routine! Try the variety of Lowell Foods products ideal for a delectable meal such as Lowell Salads (try the Mixed Vegetable Salad, Ukrainian-Style Salad or Swedish-Style Salad for a refreshing crispy medley of vegetables); or Lowell Polish Dill Pickles, Pickled Beets, and the wide variety of cabbage products – ranging from traditional Sauerkraut (whether alone, with prunes, with mushrooms, or with carrots) to Fried Red or White Cabbage. Either choice will make a perfect side dish or component of a main dish you’re about to prepare with all the love and care for your mom!


Don’t forget to spoil her after dinner with delightful sweets and a steaming cup of only the best quality coffee. Choose the sensual and pleasurable blends of Carte Noire Instant Coffees in Classic, Espresso, and Decaf – for blazingly radiant aromas that will literally sweep her off her feet. For supreme quality and elegant taste, try the Davidoff line of coffees. In Rich Aroma, Fine Aroma, and Espresso 57, all varieties possess full-bodied flavor made of the choicest of beans, crafted by the coffee experts at Davidoff. Meanwhile, Tchibo and Kenco, as the top choices of families all over Europe, will bring you and your mom utter enjoyment from their rich flavor and intense aroma – ideal for your leisure time.



Lowell International Foods, as the exclusive importer of E. Wedel confectionery, has a bunch of chocolates and sweets to offer for the full enjoyment of Mother’s Day this year! Try the hand-decorated Torcik Wedlowski (a chocolate-covered wafer cake), Ptasie Mleczko (chocolate-covered fluffy marshmallows), or the wide variety of chocolate bars in a multitude of flavors and fillings. Try the special new edition of E. Wedel chocolates in Tiramisu, Crème Brulee, and Panna Cotta. After dessert, be sure to brew any one of the superb coffees Lowell Int’l Foods has to offer. With ground, instant, and whole bean coffees to choose from, whether your mother prefers a mild, medium, or bold roast, you are bound to find the right choice for that after-dinner snack and moment of relaxation with your mom on her special day.


Make this moment even more memorable by gifting your mom with a hand-made Mother’s Day card and bouquet of fresh flowers! For all of your food needs, whether for baking a delicious pie, cooking dinner, or a light and scrumptious dessert with a coffee, Lowell Foods guarantees to provide you with the best of quality gourmet European products available at your fingertips!

May 3rd Parade – Celebrate Polish National Constitution Day with “I love Poland and you should too!”

lowell-foods-sausage-1-polishEvery year in May, Chicago hosts one of the largest and most pompous parades in the country – the Polish Constitution Day Parade. Held for the 124th time as of 2015, this parade is held in honor of the first democratic constitution drafted in 1791 in Europe – that of Poland – which also happened to be only the second in the world, following the United States Constitution. Every year, the Polish Constitution Day Parade gathers thousands of devoted Poles, as well as those who support the integration of the Polish and American societies. Thousands more are expected to gather around their TV sets to witness the coverage of the Parade by Polish and American TV stations. The Parade boasts Polish values, history, traditions and culture which are presented by the participants, while the Parade committee invites all Polish-American organizations, clubs, schools, and businesses to take part in this patriotic event and march alongside many of their natives and friends!   Lowell Foods  is happy to provide an abundance of traditionally Polish products, adhering to genuine Polish taste and preparation. Celebrate this holiday with a table filled with delicious foods native to the country of Poland – provided only by  Lowell Foods. lowell-foods-mustard-01-deliTry out our abundance of meats and cheeses, produced and imported straight from Poland! Lowell Polish Ham  will instill a tender taste into your sandwiches, while Lowell Smoked Polish Bacon  will make your mouth water with its splendid aroma, no matter if you incorporate it in sandwiches, soups, or in main dishes. Lowell‘s variety of Real Polish Sausages are the ideal choice for barbecuing in the warm May weather, spreading a sumptuous fragrance as they sear and smolder on the grill. Don’t forget mustard and pickles for that sausage! Get the best from Lowell, with Delikatesowa (Gourmet), Sarepska, Kremska, Chrzanowa (Horseradish), Rosyjska (Russian),  and Francuska (French) Mustards to suit your liking, and a variety of Polish Dill Pickles  - whether you like them Classic, with Garlic,  with Sweet Peppers, with Hot Peppers, or Old Country Style! Lowell Cheeses  are the quintessential component of a variety of sandwiches, salads, and appetizers – be sure to try out our most popular Lowell Krolewski, Gouda, Podlaski, Morski, and Mazowiecki  cheeses, as well as our unique Salami-shaped cheese!   lowell-foods-bacon-1-smoked-polishFor further enjoyment of the Polish Constitution Day, be sure to try nationally-acclaimed dishes such as Lowell Hunter’s Stew, Fried Red Cabbage, Fried White Cabbage, and Fried Carrot with Celery! The ideal side dishes, as well as main dishes on their own, they reflect the Polish cuisine with their naturally grown and derived ingredients straight from the Polish soil. You may always enrich these dishes with more spices, cooked or roasted meats, or additional vegetables, however, they are ready to eat upon opening – all you need to do is heat! lowell-foods-sausage-2-krakowskaLastly, do not forget about a vegetable abundant in nutrients and popular within the Polish cuisine – the beet! Offered at Lowell Foods  in a variety of preparations, have your fill of beets during this year’s celebration of Polish Constitution Day. Choose from Baby Beets, Quartered, Sliced, Ridged, Shredded and Mashed Beets  - whether you like them plain, with Apples, with Apples and Cinnamon, with Onions or with Horseradish! The choice is yours!   Celebrate Polish Constitution Day worthily with traditionally Polish foods acquired only through Lowell Foods! For a taste of genuinely Polish cuisine, visit, visit your local European or Polish deli, or order directly from! Make this year’s May 3rd celebration count! As the opening motto for the 2015 Parade proclaims: I love Poland and you should too! – in Polish: Kocham Polske I Ty Ja Kochaj! polish-dill-pickle-1

Spring-time Grilling and Barbecuing!




With the imminent rise of temperatures, trees sprinkled with blooming buds just waiting to crack open, birds chirping in the highest of notes, their melodies a pleasant change from the whistling of the winter chill, comes spring and with it the custom of grilling and barbecuing outdoors. After several months of being cooped up indoors, bundled up in sweaters and blankets, hiding from the biting cold, many of us just cannot contain ourselves. Our joy derived from the sight of bright green grass, sunrays pouring through the windows, loss of the heavy winter coats, scarves, and hats, and lack of heating cranked up to the highest point in our homes and cars is all encompassing. We want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and to make it all the more pleasant, we love preparing outstanding meals in the circle of our family and friends in our backyards, on our patios and decks. The barbecue culture is in full swing!

lowell-foods-sausage-6-silesianWith the approach of spring, Lowell Foods  proposes many delicious choices in its offer, ideal for that first BBQ of the season. Make the main point of your grilling experience a wholesome Polish sausage, nicely browned and seeped through with the aroma of smoke and open fire. Ideally opt for Lowell Real Polish Sausage, as well as Lowell  Morlinska-brand Sausage, Podwawelska-brand Sausage, and Silesian-brand Sausage. All of them possess that unique Polish flavor and quality which hoisted Polish sausage to such great heights of popularity all over the globe. Once nicely roasted, top it off with genuinely made Lowell Mustards, in whatever variety fits your preference – Kremska, Rosyjska (Russian),  Chrzanowa (Horseradish), Sarepska, Delikatesowa (Gourmet), or Francuska (French).

lowell-foods-mustard-03-kremskaComplete Polish sausage with complementary products that will make your BBQ experience absolutely delicious! Lowell Breads  are ideal to munch on alongside your sausage, full of healthy grains, satiating and nutritious. For a zesty tang of flavor, opt for Lowell  marinated products. Take a pick, give them a try. We recommend our highly popular and demanded variety of Lowell Polish Dill Pickles, which will give your roasted sausage and bread an outright Polish quality. Crunchy, delectable, and addictive, you won’t be able to get enough of Polish Dill Pickles! Also try Lowell Pickled Mushrooms  and Marinated Red Peppers - both sweet yet sour, soft yet tender, and original companions to the main performer on your plate.

redPeppersWhile you’re at it, why don’t you add a tad of sweetness to that delicious BBQ meal? Make genuine Polish “kompot” to drink along with your sausage, bread, marinated veggies, and pickles from Lowell Fruits in Light Syrup! Whether you prefer plums, strawberries, currants, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries, Lowell Foods  possesses the whole variety. Simply pour the contents of the jar into a large pot and add water to give the syrup a thinner, more drinkable quality. Heat, then chill, pour and serve! It’s as easy as that! Lowell Fruits in Light Syrup are bound to further invigorate your outdoor experience and bring you the taste of genuine natural fruit, without all of the fake colorants, additives, and substitutes!

lowell-foods-compotes-2-blackberryMake your first grilling of the season memorable and absolutely delicious for yourself, your family, and your friends with the aid of Lowell Foods. With all of the appetizing and palatable products Lowell Foods has to offer, your every meal can be a scrumptious gratifying event you will want to repeat over and over again – just counting the hours until your next cookout!


April Fool’s Day – Prima Aprilis!


Prima aprilis Banner


On a day such as April Fool’s Day it is difficult to be anything but… happy! Viewed globally as a day of pranks, jokes, and hoaxes, it is widely recognized and liked throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil – although it has not come to be a national holiday in any country thus far. Nevertheless, its popularity is all-encompassing, bringing joy and utter laughter to the pranksters as well as the victims of the pranks themselves!

czteryserykrazekTypically observed and practiced in the Western cultures, April Fool’s Day has also found acclaim and quite a reputation in… the media! All throughout April 1st, hoax stories of various kind are reported on the news and in the media (press, television, radio), bringing some a good-hearted laugh while putting others into utter bewilderment and disorientation. Nevertheless, it is a day enjoyed by many, a lighthearted holiday, whose timing fits impeccably into the start of the Spring season, and brings further euphoria and high spirits with the arrival of warm sunny weather.

honey3On a day such as April Fool’s Day, brimming with blitheness, jolliness, and cheer, it seems only natural to be munching on foods which express the same gleeful and whimsical mood – full of flavor, color, and zest. Try Hochland Cheeses in Triangles imported by Lowell Int’l Foods, most notably the Mixtett, Kwartett, and Four Cheeses – circular bundles of flavorful combinations of various cheeses for your breakfast or lunch sandwich! Sweeten your tea or dessert with Lowell natural raw honeys – whether it’s Acacia, Basswood, Buckwheat, Multi-Flower or Honeydew. They are bound to bring a glimpse of the sweet warm season ahead with their nectarous flavor.

lowell-foods-salad-2-ukranian-saladLooking for a zesty, refreshing snack or side dish to go along with your jolly meals on April Fool’s? Try Lowell Swedish-style, Ukrainian-style and Mixed Vegetable Salads – crunchy medleys of vegetables and spices pickled in a classic jar for an exuberant flavor that is bound to pull your taste buds out of winter hibernation! Further sweeten the day with Lowell snacks as well as sweets imported exclusively by Lowell Int’l Foods. Grab a pack or two of Lowell SesaKiss bars for a tasty and delicious way to accommodate your hunger while you’re out pranking. The sweet syrup-coated sesame bars are bound to prove an irreplaceable snack, especially while on the go. Also try Prince Polo wafer bars, Delicje biscuits, and Lowell Fruit-See Lollypops, as they are popular, handy, and scrumptious snacks to further sweeten up your day.

sesakissNeed to rehydrate after a day full of fun? Opt for Lowell Foods Happy Fruits and Buena Carrotena juice drinks, for a sweet and delectable thirst quencher, all in convenient glass bottles. If you’re in dire need of additional energy, try the ever-popular Black Gold Energy Drinks signed by none other than Mike Tyson and imported exclusively by Lowell Int’l Foods. In several different flavors (as well as sugar-free for those of us who are weight watchers) they are bound to accommodate your need for an energy boost and propel you into further fun!

happy_fruits1Whatever your needs may be, Lowell Foods has got the products for you! Join the fun of April Fool’s Day and don’t miss out on fine and delicious foods and drinks to keep you going the whole day. After all, you cannot forget about important nutrition! For more products visit our website at or buy directly from where all of those products are available at the touch of your fingertips!

“Smigus Dyngus” – the Polish “Wet Monday”!

smingus dyngusSmigus-Dyngus, also known as “Lany Poniedzialek” or “Wet Monday“, held on Easter Monday, is that one day a year when it is absolutely acceptable for someone to pour a bucket of water onto another’s head and not get retribution for it! Hence why, most youths are more than excited for its arrival. A tradition held in Poland and other Eastern European countries, its roots are not clearly known, but it is assumed that they date back to pagan times. Despite the widespread influence of Christianity and Roman Catholicism, this tradition lived on – and it provides loads of fun every time for those involved!


What exactly happens on Smigus-Dyngus, one might ask? Traditionally, it consisted of boys throwing or sprinkling water over girls, particularly the attractive ones. At day break on Easter Monday, boys would secretly sneak into girls’ rooms and surprise them with a morning dousing of cold water, or they would drag them to a nearby river or pond and throw them in entirely. Some say the girls were soaked symbolically, because the girls who were soaked to the last thread were the most likely to marry, which was very much desired. Others say that the tradition of dousing with water was supposed to be reminiscent of spring rains, which brought fertility and a successful harvest later down the year. Despite the fact that it was young girls who were most likely to be drenched, the fun always spread further, and in the end everyone was soaking everyone else with water. The trick was the element of surprise – to douse as many people as possible, without becoming thoroughly wet yourself.

lowell-foods-sausage-1-polishThe celebration has found its fans and followers even here, in America. Observed by many Polish-American communities, it has gained widespread recognition in many cities, most notably Buffalo, New York, which boasts the largest celebration of Smigus-Dyngus in the country. Proclaiming that “everybody is Polish on Dyngus Day“, Buffalo celebrates with a multitude of Polish bands, parades, food and attire dominating in shades of white and red. Other cities throughout the U.S. with large Polish communities also celebrate Dyngus Day, and it is always loads of fun. Stretching from the Northeast coast to the Midwest, people cheerfully and voluntarily take part in the fun of dousing others with water without vengeance or requital, as it is a thoroughly fun, enjoyable, and refreshing celebration. Along the way of finding a new focus for their identity, the Polish community affected the American community with its effort and became unity. Now many take part in Smigus-Dyngus as it is a unique day that only comes about on Easter Monday.

lowell-foods-beets-8Wet Monday serves as an extension of the Easter time celebration – a day free of work in Poland, focused thoroughly on enjoyment, appreciation, fun, and further consumption of all of the delicious Easter goodies. For many, the preparation for the holiday itself is a process which begins even two weeks prior, when complete spring cleaning is carried out and food arrangements are made – each household concocting their own. With Lowell Foods, your confectionery and culinary preparation can be made all the easier. With our delicious Lowell hams - among many the Polish Ham, Moscow-style, German-brand, Morliny, Black Forest, and Canadian Maple – you can create wonderful platters consisting of a wide delicious assortment. They are ideally served with the addition of a dash of Lowell Foods Hot Horseradish and Lowell Foods Beets (preferably with Horseradish). Our Lowell Smoked Polish Bacon makes for one flawless component of the traditional Polish white borscht, adding a splendid aroma and full-bodied flavor to the soup, while Lowell Polish Krakowska-brand Sausage is perfect to put into your Easter basket.


All of the products necessary for a splendid Easter celebration, in the most traditional and delicious of ways, can be found at Lowell Foods. Have yourself a sumptuous, cheerful, and jubilant Easter with the aid of Lowell Foods, whose gourmet Polish products have been trusted and esteemed by the Polish community all over the U.S.

Easter Sunday Celebration

Happy Easter BannerEaster is by far the oldest and most celebrated of Christian holidays, celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon spring. Generally falling between the period of March 22nd and April 25th, it does not possess a fixed date. As with most holidays, so it is with this one that is possesses many themes and symbols of different eras and cultures (evident in the very name of the holiday, varying from culture to culture) interwoven in its midst – ranging from pagan to antique to Christian.

Easter took on many of the old beliefs and customs, and not coincidentally is it often referred to as the “spring” holiday. The way we celebrate Easter now may have changed, however, much of its past has remained the same, as is with the correlation between Easter and spring. Spring holidays were always associated with new life and were steeped in the cult of fertility. They expressed the joy of life in this world, their full exuberance. Easter has added a new dimension to spring holidays, predominantly present in the cultures of all the people of rural/agricultural descent. It has breathed a more spiritual life into spring holidays, taking over the pagan rituals and replacing them with Christian practices, enriching new customs and traditions that were later shaped throughout centuries. lowell-foods-sausage-2-krakowska

The feasts of Easter Sunday are preceded by an extended period of austere fasting, imbued with reflection on the value of life and its purpose. Let us remember, however, that Easter is a celebration joyful in the end. And for this we have to prepare with utmost care and thoughtfulness. The symbols of Easter and spring can be found lurking from many a corner during this season, but do we know what they represent? The bunny – a symbol of fertility; the lamb – a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice; and the egg – a symbol of rebirth and life. Be sure to decorate your home and table with those magical symbols, available from Lowell Foods for the Easter season. Chocolate bunnies, lambs made of sugar and chocolate, and decorated colorful eggs made of wood are the perfect supplements which cannot be found missing from your Easter Sunday table. They are also a favorite among children, who traditionally eat the chocolate and sugar bunnies, lambs, and eggs the moment the celebration is over. Genuine and imported straight from Poland by Lowell Foods, they will complement your home with bright new spirit and the energy of the holiday and new season.lowell-foods-horseradish-1-extra-hotDon’t forget the wide assortment and variety of gourmet Lowell Foods products, and those imported, to go along with any Easter celebration. On Easter Sunday, all of these products can be found on beautifully adorned tables. Traditionally, housewives attached a great deal of importance to the tiniest details of the tradition of Easter. White and splendidly embroidered tablecloths reigned in all homes. In the middle of the table stood wonderfully decorated eggs and a lamb, around which all of the other elements were focused. The basis of these holidays in the Polish tradition are: eggs, prepared in many different ways, roasted meats, sliced meats, sausages, bacon, and most importantly horseradish, white borscht, and beets, as well as sweets: cakes and pies in the shape of a baby lamb, Polish babka cakes, and the all-popular Mazurek cakes.

You may find all of those products at Lowell Foods. Our delicious sliced hams, such as the Polish Ham, Moscow-style, German-brand, Morliny, Black Forest, and Canadian Maple (just to name a few) will constitute a delicious assortment on a platter on your table. Be sure to serve them with the inclusion of Lowell Foods Hot Horseradish (a must-have for Easter) and the variety of Lowell Foods Beets (we recommend the Lowell Foods Beets with Horseradish). lowell-foods-ham-2-moscow-styleLowell Smoked Polish Bacon  is the perfect addition to white borscht, adding a splendid aroma and full-bodied flavor to this traditional soup. Lowell Polish Krakowska-brand Sausage is ideal to put into your Easter basket or to consume alone – sliced. All of the products necessary for a splendid Easter celebration, in the most traditional and delicious of ways, can be found at Lowell Foods. Have yourself a sumptuous, cheerful, and jubilant Easter with the aid of Lowell Foods, whose gourmet Polish products have been trusted and esteemed by the Polish community all over the U.S.

Among other things, sweets and desserts also fulfill an imperative role in the Easter celebrations. Traditional cakes play an exceptional part on Polish Easter tables, ranging from cakes made in the shape of lambs to Polish babka cakes (traditional brioche-like yeast cakes, typically with no filling, glazed with vanilla or chocolate icing and decorated with almonds and fruit) to Mazurek’s. A Mazurek cake, a shortcut pastry, is considered to be one of the primary desserts of Easter across Poland. Generously layered with icing, and decorated with dried fruits and nuts, its overall sweetness has gained the Mazurek popularity beyond Poland as well. Our impressive assortment and medley of chocolate and confectionery will add a sweet touch to your Easter – we recommend our highly popular and demanded limited editions just for Easter!lowell-foods-beets-7

For all of your holiday needs choose Lowell Foods, where we value tradition and excellence in gourmet foods over all else.


The 40 Day Lent


Happy Easter BannerAsh Wednesday marks the beginning of the forty-day-long Lent. The main message passed along during this time is focused on the spiritual preparation for the miracle of Christ’s Resurrection. The events leading up to the Resurrection are the foundation of the Church and the faith as we know it. Because these are the most important holidays in the Christian faith, they demand special preparation to be able to live through them properly. Hence why we take upon ourselves Lent. Christianity, however, isn’t the only religion practicing Lent. It is known and observed by Roman Catholic, Anglican, and certain other churches throughout the world. Its basic rules and structures also find their roots in other religions and philosophies across the globe, in which the healing and cleansing properties of fasting, repentance, and humility are widely appreciated and incorporated into practice.


Historically speaking, Lent has taken on various forms before it achieved the form familiar to us today. In the early centuries, Lent only included Good Friday and Holy Saturday. In the 3rd century A.D., fasting has already been practiced for an entire week. By 4th century A.D., in memory of Jesus’ forty-day-long fasting in the desert and the Israelites forty-year-long wandering after their escape from Egypt, the Lent was stretched to forty days. In the 7th century A.D., it was adopted that Lent should start on the Sunday exactly six weeks prior to Easter Sunday. However, since Sundays are excluded from Lent in order to keep the forty days of penance, the beginning of Lent had to occur on a Wednesday. Hence why we have Ash Wednesday. Since the year 1570, it has become customary within the Church to show signs of repentance by having ashes sprinkled on one’s head to remember the true value of life alongside God. After the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the Sundays of Lent took on the names first, second, third, fourth, fifth, while the sixth became known as Palm Sunday. Lent lasts until Good Thursday, which in turn starts the great three-day celebration known as Easter Triduum.


When it comes to the spirituality of Lent, it is all about what the Church calls “metanoia”, or a more enduring attachment to God, devotion of the human heart solely to Him, and reconciliation with others, expressed through more self-control in eating and drinking; greater involvement in the word of God, made possible through your parish; avoiding unnecessary distractions in the forms of loud parties and gatherings; a greater focus on prayer, the one done in private as well as in groups; showing more sensitivity when it comes to the needs of others; using the sacrament of penance and reconciliation; participation in various Lent-related activities and the taking-up of various selfless acts, such as simple generosity of heart, a smile, and kindness towards others.


All of those actions serve to show us that the first primary operator in our lives is God, who is capable of steering our lives in the proper direction, heal our potential losses in sin and pride and get us back on track, and stop us in our tracks towards constant striving for material goods. From time to time we feel a lack of the presence of a similar time in our lives. This sacred reflection at least once a year bring out our humanity and our sensitivity to God and to other people.




During this special time, we customarily take on a unique diet that is to reflect we are undergoing a rare and uncommon period in our lives. Most commonly consisting of traditional and not overly lavish foods, resembling those consumed by the early Christians of the time. We put our best bet on breads and fish, avoiding any extravagant meats, sweets, and such. Being on a diet such as this for forty days, you want to be consuming high quality delicious foods while maintaining the humble qualities of Lent. There is no better choice than Lowell Foods products – guaranteeing quality over all else.




Our wide assortment of Lowell fish are bound to blend in perfectly as part of your Lent diet. Our herring fillets in creamy sauces, in vinegar, and rolled into small coils come in a variety of different preparation methods, flavorings, and such. From dill and prunes and raisins to sour cream and mustard sauce and tartar sauce to marinated with an abundance of vegetables and spices, our Lowell herring fillets are one of the best choices you could make for this Lent with never-ending variety. Additionally, our original hardwood smoked mackerel, rainbow trout, and whitefish are a great choice – all natural, made according to an old world recipe. Also, try our salmon fillets with capers – small rolls of first-rate salmon fillets marinated with capers to bring out their utmost flavor. One thing is for certain – that each individual can find the perfect fish at Lowell Foods depending on his or her specific taste preferences.


Ash Wednesday

Happy Easter Banner     Ash Wednesday is a day unlike any other, marking the start of the forty-day-long Lent and devoted to the preparation for Christ’s Resurrection. It is a day of penance, reflection, and fasting. The symbolic sprinkling of ashes or marking of one’s forehead with ash in the shape of a cross, serves to remind us of the humility which we should practice in our hearts and in our minds, and the sacrifices we should be ready to make for the less fortunate in our lives. Whether it be financially, physically, mentally, or emotionally, there are plenty of people surrounding us on a daily basis who are underprivileged or abused in any one or more of those areas. Ash Wednesday helps to remind us to help those less fortunate, because in the end, as the saying goes, “Remember, Man is dust, and unto dust you shall return”.

Ash Wednesday originated with the early Christians of ages past. Those who were found guilty of many various sins were forced to repent in public. This manifested itself in the following ways: a Bishop would bless and sprinkle with ashes the attire the penitents were to wear for the duration of the forty days of reparation for wrong. While the faithful of the church recited the Seven Penitential Psalms, the penitents themselves were forced out of the church, in resemblance to the way Adam was forced out of the Garden of Eden for his unforgivable sins. The penitents could re-enter the church only after their forty days of atonement were over and after having received sacramental absolution. Over time, not only well and widely-known penitents came to church to receive ashes, but other Christians as well, in need of forgiveness and mercy for their sins.

One would ask: how are the ashes themselves acquired for this day? The ashes are obtained from the palms of the previous year’s Palm Sunday, which are burned, christened with Holy Water, and exposed to incense which gives them a surreal scent. Serving as a symbol of repentance and sorrow, the ashes themselves are also a symbol of God himself, his mercy and pardon given to those who truly feel remorse for their sins and faults. Ash Wednesday, therefore, primarily serves as the start of a time in which people should stop in their influx of daily activities and take the time to reflect, pray, and atone.

Countless Christians in Poland, as well as in America, make the time to devote to this particular holiday. Not only is it a religious holiday, for many it also possesses a cleansing quality. On Ash Wednesday many individuals take the time to reflect upon their lives and go through a “self-examination” – to compare and contrast the pros and cons of their lifestyles, their choices and decisions, the impact their have directly on their loved ones, friends, surroundings and environment. It helps to be able, at least once a year, to come to terms with oneself, to take the time to repent and make changes for the better in one’s life – and we all know how tough that comes to be in the rush and bustle of today’s world. Nevertheless, many make the time and over the duration of Lent learn to be more appreciative, tolerant, kind, wise, and modest.



paczki dayThe start of every Easter holiday is marked by one special day which everyone, young and old, thoroughly enjoys – Paczki Day! In America most commonly celebrated on “Fat Tuesday”, in other words the day before Ash Wednesday, paczki (pohnch-kee) actually remain most heavily consumed on Fat Thursday, when the paczki sales are highest. What exactly is Paczki Day and why is it celebrated? The paczek, the much-anticipated precursor of Easter, originated because in the old days meat and meat-byproducts were not allowed to be consumed by Catholic fasting practices during Lent. Hence why every household strived to use up any meat, dairy, and eggs by procuring various dishes from nalesniki (crepes) to paczki (doughnuts). Also countries like Ukraine, Serbia, and Lithuania participated in this act, by whisking up dishes like spurgos or krofne – Lent is very highly regarded in those cultures as well.

Fat Thursday is that one day a year when great gluttony is fully accepted. Initially celebrated with the consumption of huge loads of lard, bacon, and vodka, in today’s more modern times paczki remain the most popular go-to method of spoiling oneself. This sweet and delectable treat tastes best when it is consumed shortly after it has been taken off the frying grease, hot and soft.

Prepared and served in a multitude of ways, paczki can most often be encountered filled with marmalade (rosehip, prune, raspberry, or other), creamy custard, or no filling at all, and dusted with either confectioner’s sugar, granulated sugar, or glazed with icing. The most traditional paczki are also prepared with candied orange peels (for an irreplaceable taste and aroma) and a dash of alcohol (to prevent the absorption of oil deep into the dough).

This light, spongy, melt-in-your-mouth pastry has become a hit in North America, predominantly in areas most densely populated by Polish communities. Made and sold by many bakeries throughout the U.S., you are bound to encounter paczki in at least one of your nearby bakeries or pastry shops. These huge, round treats made from rich dough and delectable filling, rolled or dusted in sugar or glaze while still warm are a favorite not by accident! Paczki truly deserve their fame.

Enjoy one (or several) this Easter season – just remember! They come out to about 500 calories – each! However, since it’s only once a year… Nobody will notice.

Valentine’s Day with Lowell Int’l Foods


            In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, as we run about completing our errands, more often than not under the weight of frigid snow, chilling bombonierki_7temperatures, and peppery grey streets, there comes a time once a year when we let ourselves be engulfed by pink and red. Only once a year, right in the midst of the sometimes bleak and raw environment, we get to experience a warmth encompassing us all throughout – which may only mean Valentine’s Day. Surrounded by hearts, cupids, glitter and sparkle, teddy bears, roses, and confectionery of various kind, we take a moment to think and appreciate the ones most important in our lives – the ones we endow with our most deeply rooted affection. On that special day which only comes about once a year, let us unfold our love towards the people we adore most and simply say – thank you for being here. This Valentine’s Day present your loved ones with the most delicious of gifts and confectionery from Lowell International Foods – because what better way to relay your affection and appreciation if not with something sweet?bombonierki_2

            For the most significant woman in your life, may it be your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister, there is no better way to show your gratitude and admiration than with Wedel chocolates in a heart-shaped box. The most delicious of confectionery, consisting of the highest quality of chocolate with creamy delectable fillings, arranged in a romantic red box in the shape of a heart. We cannot think of a more delightful treat that is bound to make the receiver feel appreciated and loved.

              For the prominent and remarkable man in your life, present him with an outstanding gift of pure luxury he is bound to treasure. Present him with the exceptional Davidoff Limited Edition Supreme Reserve coffee. Davidoff Café offers with this Limited Edition “Creation Superieure” an exquisite composition of the choicest of beans from the world’s finest coffee regions. Send him on a journey to discover its unique characteristics. You may present him with the ground, as well as the instant version of Davidoff Café – for the man who appreciates luxury and convenience at the same time.CO_KV_Davi_Lim_Edition_Quer

            To add more sweetness and rosiness to this year’s Valentine’s Day, consider the noteworthy new variety of Wedel chocolates available in three remarkable varieties. Large blocks of exquisite sweetness and gentleness capture the finely detailed tastes of Tiramisu, Crème Brulee, and Panna Cotta for an impeccable and ethereal treat you may gift to anyone you admire.wedelowe-921347_H152519_L

            Why not add a little flicker and gleam with Wedel Barrels? Available in the original version and Cocktail version, this unique and one-of-a-kind treat encloses the savoriness and palatableness of popular liquors in a barrel-shaped chocolate made from only the finest of the Wedel variety. Trust the experts in confectionery and choose Wedel through Lowell International Foods this Valentine’s Day for the utmost sweetness that is bound to warm your loved one’s hearts and bring them to blush!

bombonierki_4For the most meticulous, perfected, refined and splendid gifts this Valentine’s Day, trust Lowell International Foods to provide you with superb quality and flawless taste of its imported products. Make your loved ones flourish with the bombonierki_5warmth of a feeling that can only be acquired when one really feels appreciated – all with the aid of lovely and charming confectionery acquired through Lowell International Foods.