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Jars of salads filled to the brim with a gamut of delightful flavor!

Lowell Foods – in its gamut of flavorful and savory products – brings you home-style salads in different varieties to be served alongside your lunches, dinners, and even as appetizers! Prepared according to traditional European recipes, Lowell Foods brings you the: Red Cabbage Salad Sauerkraut Home-Style Salad Ukrainian-Style Vegetable Salad and Swedish-Style Vegetable Salad Adhering [Continue]

Lowell Foods Happy Fruits – Taste the Sweetness Sealed in Each Bottle!

Since Lowell Foods is a company that puts a great deal of emphasis on natural flavor and absolute quality, we decided to counteract the surge of sugar-packed sodas and other carbonated drinks with Lowell Foods Happy Fruits drinks! Offering seven different flavors!: 100% Apple, Apple Peach, Apple Cherry Chokeberry, Carrot Banana Apple, Carrot Apple Raspberry, [Continue]

A savory and worldy treat perfectly in time for the holidays! – Lowell Foods Herrings

With the holiday season approaching at an inevitably rapid pace, many people are starting to ponder upon organizing parties and dinners for their families, friends, and other loved ones, and more importantly – what are we going to put on the table? With no excessive time for preparation and lack of all the more innovative [Continue]

Delicje Szampanskie!

Over the years, the world has been changing and racing forward, but Delicje, through all of this time, have remained the same. Produced exceptionally for thirty-five years in the charming city of Plonsk in Poland, they are the combination of fruity jelly, fluffy biscuit, and fragile dessert chocolate. The original and one-of-a-kind combination of jelly, [Continue]

Nutritious and sweet, packed into handy thin crisps! – SesaKiss

Who wouldn’t like a sweet and portable treat to satisfy a sweet tooth without the abundance of unnecessary calories? Seems impossible? Well, Lowell Foods has made it possible with SesaKiss! Thin crisps composed of a large dose of sesame seeds drained in wheat syrup and solidified into an irresistible treat you cannot say “no” to. [Continue]

Pure nectar and delicacy… Lowell Foods Honeys!

Raw wild honey is perhaps the sweetest and most original of fluids, produced by bees from pollen collected from various plants and flowers. It is completely and utterly unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. Just like Lowell Foods honeys. Many, if not most, honeys found in your local grocery store or supermarket, could very well be referred [Continue]

Richness from Fields, Orchards, and Forests – Enclosed in a Jar!

At an increasingly fast rate, food producers and distributors are manipulating consumers’ tastes by replacing naturally grown and made foods with cheap, never-spoiling substitutes, more often than not, formulated in laboratories. Thankfully enough, we have a choice as to whether or not we want to adhere to those types of changes. Lowell Foods preserves are [Continue]

Cost Plus World Market!

World Market – unique, authentic and always affordable – is one of the many stores carrying Lowell Foods products and making them available directly to you, our customer. Whether you choose to purchase online or in store, you will find an assortment of Lowell Foods items, some of which are our Pickled Beets, Swedish-Style Vegetable [Continue]

Buena Carrotena!

          If you are one of the many people these days constantly in a rush, with no time to think about enriching your diet, or consuming fruits individually, Lowell Foods Buena Carrotena juice drinks are the way to provide your body with essential nutrients for its daily functioning. Blended together for a rich fusion of [Continue]

E.Wedel – A Chocolate Confectioner’s Dream

E. Wedel represents a real chocolate confectioner’s dream, producing many varieties of high-quality chocolates since 1851. They have been known and adored throughout Poland for many many decades, and now Lowell Foods brings you the flavor of genuine Polish chocolate that comprised an indispensable part of every child’s (and adult’s) life. Lowell Foods, as the [Continue]