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Lowell Greek Feta Cheese

Lowell Greek Feta is an authentic, all-natural product of Greece. It is packed into airtight plastic wrap or plastic containers with brine, which prevents loss of moisture so characteristic of feta cheese, as well as protects it from spoiling. Feta cheese is a product that may be stored for a long time. Feta cheese is [Continue]

Lowell Herring Fillets in 4 Different Sauces!

Lowell Foods offers a wide assortment of herring fillets, some of which we’ve already introduced to you in a previous post! However, this time, we would like to introduce a special collection of herring fillets in four different sauces which come in convenient plastic containers – easy to open and re-open! The traditional and most [Continue]

Lowell Foods Salmon Fillets with Capers

Why should we really eat salmon? Salmon meat is one of the best reservoirs of omega-3 fatty acids (it contains more “good fats” than we can provide for our bodies in an entire several-day-rationing of food), which have an immediate effect on the correct development of tissues in the nervous system. Consuming salmon is associated [Continue]

Lowell Dried Mushrooms!

They are a component in many dishes in the Polish cuisine as well as other cuisines of the world. Drying mushrooms allows for long-term storage while maintaining the taste of fresh mushrooms. Under appropriate conditions, they can remain edible for up to 3 years! The preparation of dried mushrooms starts with rinsing them thoroughly, followed [Continue]

Lowell Foods Mustard!

Who doesn’t know mustard? An ancient condiment, it is actually the second most-used spice in the United States, and consumed at a whopping 700 million pounds each year by consumers all over the world. Mustard originated with the ancient Romans thousands of years ago who used to grind the mustard seeds directly on their plates [Continue]

Sweet hints and delicate charms of fruits in light syrup!

  Compote, also known as fruits in light syrup, first originated in France and later spread throughout culinary cultures of all of Europe as a widely used way to preserve fruit for the winter. It was mostly used as a dessert – whole or diced pieces of fruit dipped and soaked in sugar syrup, often [Continue]

All about the Baked Beans!

A complimentary yet contrasting product to the Lowell Foods Large Butter Beans are none other than the Lowell Foods Baked Beans with Tomatoes and Mushrooms. Made with beans, mushrooms, tomato concentrate, water, salt, bay leaf, black pepper, allspice, caraway, and marjoram, the Lowell Foods Baked Beans do not require additional preparation time or cooking – [Continue]

The goodness of Lowell Foods Large Butter Beans!

Butter beans (also commonly referred to as lima beans) – seemingly unheard of, and yet delicious, healthy, and an essential part of many dishes. Originating in Peru and popularized all over South America, they were cultivated even before corn and are so deeply rooted in the Peruvian culture that they even made their way onto [Continue]

Bigos – Hunter’s Stew

Bigos, known in the U.S. as Hunter’s Stew, is a mish-mash of cabbage, meats, vegetables, and spices that was typically consumed by nobility after an exhilarating day of hunting. Generally served with mashed potatoes or rye bread, it constitutes a staple of the Polish cuisine, as it is immensely filling and hearty. Its richness in [Continue]

Farmers Cheese

If you have never tasted real farmers cheese, you do not know what you are missing. The soft creamy texture, delicate white color, subtle fragrance, and tender yet mild taste make this cheese a must-have on kitchen tables all over Poland. Lowell Foods is bringing this outstanding staple of Polish cuisine to you by importing [Continue]