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Kefir – A Natural Probiotic!

Kefir, for those of us who are not familiar with it, is a drink obtained from fermented milk. It is one of the most highly nutritious and oldest in nature of fermented milk beverages. Characteristic for its delicate refreshing taste, it works as a natural probiotic – a substance which stimulates the growth of microorganisms, [Continue]

Happy New Year from Lowell Foods!

New Year’s was not always held on the First of January – back in the day it was formally known as Akitu, and celebrated around the time of the Spring Equinox. In 46 B.C., a new calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar which circulated around the sun’s instead of the moon’s movements – officially moving [Continue]

Merry Christmas from Lowell Foods!

As you’ll wrap up your Christmas Eve dinner with you family, friends, and perhaps other loved ones, as the twinkling candles bright flame ceases a little under the weight of the already molten wax, and as the Christmas tree shines as bright as ever releasing its utmost spectacular pine scent all throughout, the delicious foods [Continue]

Christmas with Lowell Foods, continued

What would be an original, exclusive, and delicious gift you could give to someone who values and adores high quality gourmet food? Lowell Foods meats! From several varieties to choose from, some of which are now available through our online store, Lowell Foods can cater to you with our scrumptious salami’s, hams, bacons, and more! [Continue]

Christmas with Lowell Foods

With Christmas being just a week away, preparations are in full swing! Christmas trees are standing proudly in full view, boasting their fragrant pine scent, glistening lights, sparkling colorful ornaments, reflective tinsels, even tempting with candy canes suspended on its delicate branches just ready to be picked and eaten, and beautifully wrapped gifts adorned with [Continue]

Fruit-See Lollypops!

Who as a child has never been tempted by the sweet and colorful treat on a stick standing on display at the local grocery store? We all have! Younger and older kids alike have always adored the classic lollypop, especially if they were fruity, sweet, and bedazzling to look at! Sometimes it was even a [Continue]

Premium fresh sun-ripened pomegranates captured in bottles of Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks!

Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks are made of premium fresh sun-ripened pomegranates, growing and ripening in the lush and opulent fields of Georgia. The pomegranates are picked right as they mature, to preserve their distinctive fresh crisp taste. Their sweet yet slightly tart flavor only adds to the authenticity of the juice, which is pure, extracted [Continue]

Lowell Meats – now available on our eShop!

Just in time for the Holiday season, Lowell introduced some of its most popular meat products to the eShop offer. Gourmet Polish food has never been this easily accessible – with just the click of a button you may have delicious meats on your dinner table just in time for Christmas! The Lowell European Classic [Continue]

Beetroot Concentrate – All you could want for a delicious Polish Red Borscht! – Just in time for Christmas Eve!

Beetroot Concentrate is the type of product that should find its place in every kitchen valuing healthy and delicious foods. A long-time staple of Polish food, beetroot concentrate is often used in the process of making the famous Polish red borscht. And what better time to cook borscht than now, with the approach of Christmas? [Continue]

Carte Noire

Experience the romance with gourmet coffee from a country that embodies the café culture, and try a cup of exceptional aromatic Carte Noire – provided to you by Lowell International Foods. The authentic Arabica Carte Noire blend hailing from France captures the passionate affair the French have with their coffee. From the moment it was [Continue]