Valentine’s Day with Lowell Int’l Foods


            In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, as we run about completing our errands, more often than not under the weight of frigid snow, chilling bombonierki_7temperatures, and peppery grey streets, there comes a time once a year when we let ourselves be engulfed by pink and red. Only once a year, right in the midst of the sometimes bleak and raw environment, we get to experience a warmth encompassing us all throughout – which may only mean Valentine’s Day. Surrounded by hearts, cupids, glitter and sparkle, teddy bears, roses, and confectionery of various kind, we take a moment to think and appreciate the ones most important in our lives – the ones we endow with our most deeply rooted affection. On that special day which only comes about once a year, let us unfold our love towards the people we adore most and simply say – thank you for being here. This Valentine’s Day present your loved ones with the most delicious of gifts and confectionery from Lowell International Foods – because what better way to relay your affection and appreciation if not with something sweet?bombonierki_2

            For the most significant woman in your life, may it be your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister, there is no better way to show your gratitude and admiration than with Wedel chocolates in a heart-shaped box. The most delicious of confectionery, consisting of the highest quality of chocolate with creamy delectable fillings, arranged in a romantic red box in the shape of a heart. We cannot think of a more delightful treat that is bound to make the receiver feel appreciated and loved.

              For the prominent and remarkable man in your life, present him with an outstanding gift of pure luxury he is bound to treasure. Present him with the exceptional Davidoff Limited Edition Supreme Reserve coffee. Davidoff Café offers with this Limited Edition “Creation Superieure” an exquisite composition of the choicest of beans from the world’s finest coffee regions. Send him on a journey to discover its unique characteristics. You may present him with the ground, as well as the instant version of Davidoff Café – for the man who appreciates luxury and convenience at the same time.CO_KV_Davi_Lim_Edition_Quer

            To add more sweetness and rosiness to this year’s Valentine’s Day, consider the noteworthy new variety of Wedel chocolates available in three remarkable varieties. Large blocks of exquisite sweetness and gentleness capture the finely detailed tastes of Tiramisu, Crème Brulee, and Panna Cotta for an impeccable and ethereal treat you may gift to anyone you admire.wedelowe-921347_H152519_L

            Why not add a little flicker and gleam with Wedel Barrels? Available in the original version and Cocktail version, this unique and one-of-a-kind treat encloses the savoriness and palatableness of popular liquors in a barrel-shaped chocolate made from only the finest of the Wedel variety. Trust the experts in confectionery and choose Wedel through Lowell International Foods this Valentine’s Day for the utmost sweetness that is bound to warm your loved one’s hearts and bring them to blush!

bombonierki_4For the most meticulous, perfected, refined and splendid gifts this Valentine’s Day, trust Lowell International Foods to provide you with superb quality and flawless taste of its imported products. Make your loved ones flourish with the bombonierki_5warmth of a feeling that can only be acquired when one really feels appreciated – all with the aid of lovely and charming confectionery acquired through Lowell International Foods.

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