Easter Sunday Celebration

Happy Easter BannerEaster is by far the oldest and most celebrated of Christian holidays, celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon spring. Generally falling between the period of March 22nd and April 25th, it does not possess a fixed date. As with most holidays, so it is with this one that is possesses many themes and symbols of different eras and cultures (evident in the very name of the holiday, varying from culture to culture) interwoven in its midst – ranging from pagan to antique to Christian.

Easter took on many of the old beliefs and customs, and not coincidentally is it often referred to as the “spring” holiday. The way we celebrate Easter now may have changed, however, much of its past has remained the same, as is with the correlation between Easter and spring. Spring holidays were always associated with new life and were steeped in the cult of fertility. They expressed the joy of life in this world, their full exuberance. Easter has added a new dimension to spring holidays, predominantly present in the cultures of all the people of rural/agricultural descent. It has breathed a more spiritual life into spring holidays, taking over the pagan rituals and replacing them with Christian practices, enriching new customs and traditions that were later shaped throughout centuries. lowell-foods-sausage-2-krakowska

The feasts of Easter Sunday are preceded by an extended period of austere fasting, imbued with reflection on the value of life and its purpose. Let us remember, however, that Easter is a celebration joyful in the end. And for this we have to prepare with utmost care and thoughtfulness. The symbols of Easter and spring can be found lurking from many a corner during this season, but do we know what they represent? The bunny – a symbol of fertility; the lamb – a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice; and the egg – a symbol of rebirth and life. Be sure to decorate your home and table with those magical symbols, available from Lowell Foods for the Easter season. Chocolate bunnies, lambs made of sugar and chocolate, and decorated colorful eggs made of wood are the perfect supplements which cannot be found missing from your Easter Sunday table. They are also a favorite among children, who traditionally eat the chocolate and sugar bunnies, lambs, and eggs the moment the celebration is over. Genuine and imported straight from Poland by Lowell Foods, they will complement your home with bright new spirit and the energy of the holiday and new season.lowell-foods-horseradish-1-extra-hotDon’t forget the wide assortment and variety of gourmet Lowell Foods products, and those imported, to go along with any Easter celebration. On Easter Sunday, all of these products can be found on beautifully adorned tables. Traditionally, housewives attached a great deal of importance to the tiniest details of the tradition of Easter. White and splendidly embroidered tablecloths reigned in all homes. In the middle of the table stood wonderfully decorated eggs and a lamb, around which all of the other elements were focused. The basis of these holidays in the Polish tradition are: eggs, prepared in many different ways, roasted meats, sliced meats, sausages, bacon, and most importantly horseradish, white borscht, and beets, as well as sweets: cakes and pies in the shape of a baby lamb, Polish babka cakes, and the all-popular Mazurek cakes.

You may find all of those products at Lowell Foods. Our delicious sliced hams, such as the Polish Ham, Moscow-style, German-brand, Morliny, Black Forest, and Canadian Maple (just to name a few) will constitute a delicious assortment on a platter on your table. Be sure to serve them with the inclusion of Lowell Foods Hot Horseradish (a must-have for Easter) and the variety of Lowell Foods Beets (we recommend the Lowell Foods Beets with Horseradish). lowell-foods-ham-2-moscow-styleLowell Smoked Polish Bacon  is the perfect addition to white borscht, adding a splendid aroma and full-bodied flavor to this traditional soup. Lowell Polish Krakowska-brand Sausage is ideal to put into your Easter basket or to consume alone – sliced. All of the products necessary for a splendid Easter celebration, in the most traditional and delicious of ways, can be found at Lowell Foods. Have yourself a sumptuous, cheerful, and jubilant Easter with the aid of Lowell Foods, whose gourmet Polish products have been trusted and esteemed by the Polish community all over the U.S.

Among other things, sweets and desserts also fulfill an imperative role in the Easter celebrations. Traditional cakes play an exceptional part on Polish Easter tables, ranging from cakes made in the shape of lambs to Polish babka cakes (traditional brioche-like yeast cakes, typically with no filling, glazed with vanilla or chocolate icing and decorated with almonds and fruit) to Mazurek’s. A Mazurek cake, a shortcut pastry, is considered to be one of the primary desserts of Easter across Poland. Generously layered with icing, and decorated with dried fruits and nuts, its overall sweetness has gained the Mazurek popularity beyond Poland as well. Our impressive assortment and medley of chocolate and confectionery will add a sweet touch to your Easter – we recommend our highly popular and demanded limited editions just for Easter!lowell-foods-beets-7

For all of your holiday needs choose Lowell Foods, where we value tradition and excellence in gourmet foods over all else.


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