April Fool’s Day – Prima Aprilis!


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On a day such as April Fool’s Day it is difficult to be anything but… happy! Viewed globally as a day of pranks, jokes, and hoaxes, it is widely recognized and liked throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil – although it has not come to be a national holiday in any country thus far. Nevertheless, its popularity is all-encompassing, bringing joy and utter laughter to the pranksters as well as the victims of the pranks themselves!

czteryserykrazekTypically observed and practiced in the Western cultures, April Fool’s Day has also found acclaim and quite a reputation in… the media! All throughout April 1st, hoax stories of various kind are reported on the news and in the media (press, television, radio), bringing some a good-hearted laugh while putting others into utter bewilderment and disorientation. Nevertheless, it is a day enjoyed by many, a lighthearted holiday, whose timing fits impeccably into the start of the Spring season, and brings further euphoria and high spirits with the arrival of warm sunny weather.

honey3On a day such as April Fool’s Day, brimming with blitheness, jolliness, and cheer, it seems only natural to be munching on foods which express the same gleeful and whimsical mood – full of flavor, color, and zest. Try Hochland Cheeses in Triangles imported by Lowell Int’l Foods, most notably the Mixtett, Kwartett, and Four Cheeses – circular bundles of flavorful combinations of various cheeses for your breakfast or lunch sandwich! Sweeten your tea or dessert with Lowell natural raw honeys – whether it’s Acacia, Basswood, Buckwheat, Multi-Flower or Honeydew. They are bound to bring a glimpse of the sweet warm season ahead with their nectarous flavor.

lowell-foods-salad-2-ukranian-saladLooking for a zesty, refreshing snack or side dish to go along with your jolly meals on April Fool’s? Try Lowell Swedish-style, Ukrainian-style and Mixed Vegetable Salads – crunchy medleys of vegetables and spices pickled in a classic jar for an exuberant flavor that is bound to pull your taste buds out of winter hibernation! Further sweeten the day with Lowell snacks as well as sweets imported exclusively by Lowell Int’l Foods. Grab a pack or two of Lowell SesaKiss bars for a tasty and delicious way to accommodate your hunger while you’re out pranking. The sweet syrup-coated sesame bars are bound to prove an irreplaceable snack, especially while on the go. Also try Prince Polo wafer bars, Delicje biscuits, and Lowell Fruit-See Lollypops, as they are popular, handy, and scrumptious snacks to further sweeten up your day.

sesakissNeed to rehydrate after a day full of fun? Opt for Lowell Foods Happy Fruits and Buena Carrotena juice drinks, for a sweet and delectable thirst quencher, all in convenient glass bottles. If you’re in dire need of additional energy, try the ever-popular Black Gold Energy Drinks signed by none other than Mike Tyson and imported exclusively by Lowell Int’l Foods. In several different flavors (as well as sugar-free for those of us who are weight watchers) they are bound to accommodate your need for an energy boost and propel you into further fun!

happy_fruits1Whatever your needs may be, Lowell Foods has got the products for you! Join the fun of April Fool’s Day and don’t miss out on fine and delicious foods and drinks to keep you going the whole day. After all, you cannot forget about important nutrition! For more products visit our website at www.lowellfoods.com or buy directly from www.lowellshop.com where all of those products are available at the touch of your fingertips!

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