Spring-time Grilling and Barbecuing!




With the imminent rise of temperatures, trees sprinkled with blooming buds just waiting to crack open, birds chirping in the highest of notes, their melodies a pleasant change from the whistling of the winter chill, comes spring and with it the custom of grilling and barbecuing outdoors. After several months of being cooped up indoors, bundled up in sweaters and blankets, hiding from the biting cold, many of us just cannot contain ourselves. Our joy derived from the sight of bright green grass, sunrays pouring through the windows, loss of the heavy winter coats, scarves, and hats, and lack of heating cranked up to the highest point in our homes and cars is all encompassing. We want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and to make it all the more pleasant, we love preparing outstanding meals in the circle of our family and friends in our backyards, on our patios and decks. The barbecue culture is in full swing!

lowell-foods-sausage-6-silesianWith the approach of spring, Lowell Foods  proposes many delicious choices in its offer, ideal for that first BBQ of the season. Make the main point of your grilling experience a wholesome Polish sausage, nicely browned and seeped through with the aroma of smoke and open fire. Ideally opt for Lowell Real Polish Sausage, as well as Lowell  Morlinska-brand Sausage, Podwawelska-brand Sausage, and Silesian-brand Sausage. All of them possess that unique Polish flavor and quality which hoisted Polish sausage to such great heights of popularity all over the globe. Once nicely roasted, top it off with genuinely made Lowell Mustards, in whatever variety fits your preference – Kremska, Rosyjska (Russian),  Chrzanowa (Horseradish), Sarepska, Delikatesowa (Gourmet), or Francuska (French).

lowell-foods-mustard-03-kremskaComplete Polish sausage with complementary products that will make your BBQ experience absolutely delicious! Lowell Breads  are ideal to munch on alongside your sausage, full of healthy grains, satiating and nutritious. For a zesty tang of flavor, opt for Lowell  marinated products. Take a pick, give them a try. We recommend our highly popular and demanded variety of Lowell Polish Dill Pickles, which will give your roasted sausage and bread an outright Polish quality. Crunchy, delectable, and addictive, you won’t be able to get enough of Polish Dill Pickles! Also try Lowell Pickled Mushrooms  and Marinated Red Peppers - both sweet yet sour, soft yet tender, and original companions to the main performer on your plate.

redPeppersWhile you’re at it, why don’t you add a tad of sweetness to that delicious BBQ meal? Make genuine Polish “kompot” to drink along with your sausage, bread, marinated veggies, and pickles from Lowell Fruits in Light Syrup! Whether you prefer plums, strawberries, currants, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries, Lowell Foods  possesses the whole variety. Simply pour the contents of the jar into a large pot and add water to give the syrup a thinner, more drinkable quality. Heat, then chill, pour and serve! It’s as easy as that! Lowell Fruits in Light Syrup are bound to further invigorate your outdoor experience and bring you the taste of genuine natural fruit, without all of the fake colorants, additives, and substitutes!

lowell-foods-compotes-2-blackberryMake your first grilling of the season memorable and absolutely delicious for yourself, your family, and your friends with the aid of Lowell Foods. With all of the appetizing and palatable products Lowell Foods has to offer, your every meal can be a scrumptious gratifying event you will want to repeat over and over again – just counting the hours until your next cookout!


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