May 3rd Parade – Celebrate Polish National Constitution Day with “I love Poland and you should too!”

lowell-foods-sausage-1-polishEvery year in May, Chicago hosts one of the largest and most pompous parades in the country – the Polish Constitution Day Parade. Held for the 124th time as of 2015, this parade is held in honor of the first democratic constitution drafted in 1791 in Europe – that of Poland – which also happened to be only the second in the world, following the United States Constitution. Every year, the Polish Constitution Day Parade gathers thousands of devoted Poles, as well as those who support the integration of the Polish and American societies. Thousands more are expected to gather around their TV sets to witness the coverage of the Parade by Polish and American TV stations. The Parade boasts Polish values, history, traditions and culture which are presented by the participants, while the Parade committee invites all Polish-American organizations, clubs, schools, and businesses to take part in this patriotic event and march alongside many of their natives and friends!   Lowell Foods  is happy to provide an abundance of traditionally Polish products, adhering to genuine Polish taste and preparation. Celebrate this holiday with a table filled with delicious foods native to the country of Poland – provided only by  Lowell Foods. lowell-foods-mustard-01-deliTry out our abundance of meats and cheeses, produced and imported straight from Poland! Lowell Polish Ham  will instill a tender taste into your sandwiches, while Lowell Smoked Polish Bacon  will make your mouth water with its splendid aroma, no matter if you incorporate it in sandwiches, soups, or in main dishes. Lowell‘s variety of Real Polish Sausages are the ideal choice for barbecuing in the warm May weather, spreading a sumptuous fragrance as they sear and smolder on the grill. Don’t forget mustard and pickles for that sausage! Get the best from Lowell, with Delikatesowa (Gourmet), Sarepska, Kremska, Chrzanowa (Horseradish), Rosyjska (Russian),  and Francuska (French) Mustards to suit your liking, and a variety of Polish Dill Pickles  - whether you like them Classic, with Garlic,  with Sweet Peppers, with Hot Peppers, or Old Country Style! Lowell Cheeses  are the quintessential component of a variety of sandwiches, salads, and appetizers – be sure to try out our most popular Lowell Krolewski, Gouda, Podlaski, Morski, and Mazowiecki  cheeses, as well as our unique Salami-shaped cheese!   lowell-foods-bacon-1-smoked-polishFor further enjoyment of the Polish Constitution Day, be sure to try nationally-acclaimed dishes such as Lowell Hunter’s Stew, Fried Red Cabbage, Fried White Cabbage, and Fried Carrot with Celery! The ideal side dishes, as well as main dishes on their own, they reflect the Polish cuisine with their naturally grown and derived ingredients straight from the Polish soil. You may always enrich these dishes with more spices, cooked or roasted meats, or additional vegetables, however, they are ready to eat upon opening – all you need to do is heat! lowell-foods-sausage-2-krakowskaLastly, do not forget about a vegetable abundant in nutrients and popular within the Polish cuisine – the beet! Offered at Lowell Foods  in a variety of preparations, have your fill of beets during this year’s celebration of Polish Constitution Day. Choose from Baby Beets, Quartered, Sliced, Ridged, Shredded and Mashed Beets  - whether you like them plain, with Apples, with Apples and Cinnamon, with Onions or with Horseradish! The choice is yours!   Celebrate Polish Constitution Day worthily with traditionally Polish foods acquired only through Lowell Foods! For a taste of genuinely Polish cuisine, visit, visit your local European or Polish deli, or order directly from! Make this year’s May 3rd celebration count! As the opening motto for the 2015 Parade proclaims: I love Poland and you should too! – in Polish: Kocham Polske I Ty Ja Kochaj! polish-dill-pickle-1

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