Especially for Mother’s Day…

A holiday in the midst of spring in full bloom, on the second Sunday of May, is dedicated to those whom we love and appreciate most in our lives – our unsurpassed mothers. A day of affection, kindness, and care devoted to our birth givers and greatest confidantes. This Mother’s Day, show your utmost gratitude and shower your mom with recognition and praise by taking the load of everyday chores off of her shoulders and spoil her with indulgence and attention.

Premium Unsalted Butter 200g Lowell Foods

With Lowell Foods, you’ll be able to find every product necessary to make this Mother’s Day delightful and enjoyable. The ideal way to truly cherish your mother would be to surprise her with a homemade pie or home-cooked dinner. Plenty of recipes for traditional bakery items, such as the all-popular cheesecake, call for the use of butter, margarine, or Farmer’s cheese to make the most delicious of cakes. Incorporate Lowell Foods “Krajanka” Farmer’s Cheese, or Lowell Premium Butter, into your recipes and surprise your mom with the best of home baking. Numerous pies also call for the use of fruits, such as blueberries, or various preserves, and we guarantee no better choice than Lowell Foods Fruits in Light Syrup (which may be extracted and added to your baking) or Lowell Foods Jams and Preserves. The perfect components for that sweet cake or pie for your mother to enjoy on Mother’s Day!


Lowell Foods can also assist in the preparation of a delicious home-cooked dinner for your mom, to relieve her of her everyday cooking routine! Try the variety of Lowell Foods products ideal for a delectable meal such as Lowell Salads (try the Mixed Vegetable Salad, Ukrainian-Style Salad or Swedish-Style Salad for a refreshing crispy medley of vegetables); or Lowell Polish Dill Pickles, Pickled Beets, and the wide variety of cabbage products – ranging from traditional Sauerkraut (whether alone, with prunes, with mushrooms, or with carrots) to Fried Red or White Cabbage. Either choice will make a perfect side dish or component of a main dish you’re about to prepare with all the love and care for your mom!


Don’t forget to spoil her after dinner with delightful sweets and a steaming cup of only the best quality coffee. Choose the sensual and pleasurable blends of Carte Noire Instant Coffees in Classic, Espresso, and Decaf – for blazingly radiant aromas that will literally sweep her off her feet. For supreme quality and elegant taste, try the Davidoff line of coffees. In Rich Aroma, Fine Aroma, and Espresso 57, all varieties possess full-bodied flavor made of the choicest of beans, crafted by the coffee experts at Davidoff. Meanwhile, Tchibo and Kenco, as the top choices of families all over Europe, will bring you and your mom utter enjoyment from their rich flavor and intense aroma – ideal for your leisure time.



Lowell International Foods, as the exclusive importer of E. Wedel confectionery, has a bunch of chocolates and sweets to offer for the full enjoyment of Mother’s Day this year! Try the hand-decorated Torcik Wedlowski (a chocolate-covered wafer cake), Ptasie Mleczko (chocolate-covered fluffy marshmallows), or the wide variety of chocolate bars in a multitude of flavors and fillings. Try the special new edition of E. Wedel chocolates in Tiramisu, Crème Brulee, and Panna Cotta. After dessert, be sure to brew any one of the superb coffees Lowell Int’l Foods has to offer. With ground, instant, and whole bean coffees to choose from, whether your mother prefers a mild, medium, or bold roast, you are bound to find the right choice for that after-dinner snack and moment of relaxation with your mom on her special day.


Make this moment even more memorable by gifting your mom with a hand-made Mother’s Day card and bouquet of fresh flowers! For all of your food needs, whether for baking a delicious pie, cooking dinner, or a light and scrumptious dessert with a coffee, Lowell Foods guarantees to provide you with the best of quality gourmet European products available at your fingertips!

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