Lowell Foods Multi-Grain Yogurt!

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Yogurt, a product we all know and probably all grew up on, constitutes a very nutritious snack, but there is only so much variation and diversity when it comes to its creamy goodness we all became accustomed to…

And then there is Lowell Foods Multi-Grain Yogurt!

A yogurt like no other, filled to the brim with character – beneficial, balanced, healthful, and invigorating!

Indulge yourself to a decadent treat without the guilt!

Citing GLAMOUR, one of the world’s most popular of women’s magazines:

“Forget anemic, plain Jane yogurts of the past. This stuff is thick, creamy and loaded with intense fruit flavor. One serving contains 170 calories, 20% of your daily requirement of calcium and no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or rBST.

We swooned over the real bits of fruit and chewy grains mixed right into the container. The yogurt comes in six silky varieties, like apple-pear, peach and raspberry. We’ll never resort to grabbing yogurt parfait from a café again.” by Vital Juice, www.glamour.com

Also, take MyFitnessPal.com, a website dedicated to healthy living, dieting, and exercising, mentioning Lowell Foods Multi-Grain Yogurts on their pages as well!

Grab your share of velvety goodness with chewy bits of grain!!! Try our Lowell Foods Apple-Pear, Prune, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, or Apricot.

To read the entire GLAMOUR article, click here!

For the most healthy and delicious Polish food choose Lowell Foods!

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