Lakotki Biscuits!

san-lakotki-4-maslane san-lakotki-3-kakaoweSan Lakotki biscuits, imported exclusively by Lowell International Foods, are a sugary buttery and absolutely delicious treat for any time of the day – or night! This Polish specialty comes in four different flavors created to make your mouth water.

Dessert Lakotki are delicate, white, and sprinkled with sugar, for an exquisite biscuit with a sweet tang on the palate.

Cocoa Lakotki, with their deep, intense cocoa flavor, are dark in their nature yet so delectable to crunch! Let the savory depth of pure cocoa envelop you.

Coconut Lakotki are filled to the brim with the exotic taste of coconuts, adding an original flavor to the biscuits never to be surpassed!

Meanwhile Butter Lakotki, in all of their buttery greatness, are so tempting and creamy in taste they literally melt on the tongue.

Whichever your choice, San Lakotki biscuits are a favorite not only in Poland, but all over Europe, making their way also to America!

Thanks to Lowell International Foods, you may now purchase Lakotki biscuits and consume them in various ways and situations. They are great dipped in coffee or tea, for a sweet and soft breakfast or afternoon snack. They work perfectly as a lunch treat for kids and adults alike – something light and delicious to crunch on.

They are also the ideal treat to take along on various trips, whether driving, walking, hiking, or biking – they will not spoil or melt in your pocket or bag!

Try Lakotki biscuits in their exquisite flavors and shapes – all of their flavors are simply to die for!

san-lakotki-2-kokosowe san-lakotki-1-deserowe

Kefir – A Natural Probiotic!

lowell-foods-kefir-2-plainKefir, for those of us who are not familiar with it, is a drink obtained from fermented milk. It is one of the most highly nutritious and oldest in nature of fermented milk beverages. Characteristic for its delicate refreshing taste, it works as a natural probiotic – a substance which stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora) – very similar to yogurt. Preliminary data support the hypothesis that regular consumption of kefir is beneficial to the body in a number of ways.

Kefir may be obtained using the milk of most mammals. In the dairy industry it is traditionally manufactured from cow’s milk. However, on a smaller scale, it has also been known to be produced from the milk of sheep, goats, camels and buffaloes, as well as coconut, rice and soy milk.lowell-foods-kefir-6-blueberry

This dairy miracle hails from the Caucasus, where it was invented by the ancient Caucasian shepherds. For a long time it was produced the traditional way, using leather bags or oak barrels. The bags filled with kefir were hung near doors, so that passersby would bump and nudge the bag to keep the kefir well-mixed. Already in early Ancient times, Armenians were known to consume specially prepared fermented milk, which they called Macun. Meanwhile, the name “kefir” itself comes from the merger of two Turkish words: keyif – which refers to joy and pleasure, and kopur – meaning milk foam.

lowell-foods-kefir-1-strawberryIn the early twentieth century, the Russians received kefir grains from a Prince of Caucasus and started producing kefir in Moscow. Over the past few decades the drink spread all over Western countries. Today it constitutes a very popular dairy drink in the areas of Eastern Europe, reaching as far as Mongolia. Still, the largest producers of kefir remain to be Russia and Poland.

Lowell Foods produces probiotic kefir out of all natural ingredients, the main one being cultured and pasteurized milk. With the fat reduced, it is additionally enhanced with various natural flavors such as vanilla, blueberry, cherry, peach, raspberry, and strawberry – or you can drink it plain! To fortify your immunity and improve digestive health, there is no better health cocktail than Lowell Foods Kefir. Made adhering to Polish traditional recipes for a high quality end result typical of Polish food. For the best Polish food, choose Lowell Foods!


Happy New Year from Lowell Foods!

Christmas Banner WebsiteNew Year’s was not always held on the First of January – back in the day it was formally known as Akitu, and celebrated around the time of the Spring Equinox. In 46 B.C., a new calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar which circulated around the sun’s instead of the moon’s movements – officially moving New Year’s Day from March 1st to January 1st. During the Middle Ages, many of the ancient traditions and festivities were thrown out due to their “pagan” nature, causing New Year’s to be celebrated on various days, such as March 25th and December 25th. Until the year 1582, in which Pope Gregory XIII threw over all previously held traditions and instilled the Gregorian Calendar into usage again, moving New Year’s Day back to January 1st! However, even in today’s culture in which most people adhere to the Gregorian Calendar, many cultures still follow a lunar calendar, causing their New Year’s celebrations to fall on different days throughout the year. The Jewish and Muslim New Year’s Days fall sometime around autumn, while the Chinese New Year lasts for about a month, beginning in January or early February. 


No matter which tradition you adhere to and when you celebrate New Year’s, Lowell Foods has all of the delicious foods and ideas for a wonderful unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration! Starting with cold appetizers, one of which – the most popular New Year’s Eve snack – would be hors d’oeuvres on a toothpick, ready to beKrolewski Swiss Cheese popped into the mouth! With various combinations to choose from, let your imagination go awry! Lowell Foods will provide you with hams, salamis, cheeses, pickled and marinated vegetables and mushrooms, and whatever else you may need for a wonderful treat! Another popular hf with red peppers and mushroomscold appetizer would most definitely be herring fillets, and you may consume them however you please – marinated with onion and spices, in sour cream, with prunes, with pickles and carrots, with mayonaisse, with raisins, etc. There is no end in sight for the various combinations you may do with such a versatile fish.


You may also like to go for cold soups of various kind. A hit during New Year’s Eve celebrations, due to the fact that they can be consumed cooled, not steaming hot, and the combinations are endless! Try chilled beet soup with cream or chilled cucumber soup for a unique refreshing yet creamy dish! Salads are also popular, since they can be served at any time and will not go bad throughout the night!Szwedzka Salad You may make all sorts of delicious salads using Lowell Foods products, including traditional Polish vegetable salad, herring salads, or you may like to go for already made and ready to eat salads such as Lowell Foods Greek-Style, Swedish-Style or Ukrainian-Style Vegetable Salads, Red Cabbage Salad, Sauerkraut, or Beet Salad! 


Following with warmer dishes, which are as vast and diverse as your creativity can carry you! Serve Lowell Hunter’s Stew for an invigorating lowell-foods-fried-3-carrotand filling portion of cabbage, with other vegetables, spices, and perhaps meats if you prefer a more hearty dish; or Lowell Baked Beans with Tomatoes and Mushrooms that will provide enough energy to make the festivities last all through the night and into the morning! You may also want to serve side dishes such as Lowell Fried White or Red Cabbage and Fried Carrot - all ready to eat simply upon heating!


Finish off the New Year’s feast with a sprinkle of sweet! Try the many Polish and European desserts and chocolates imported exclusively by FrontLowell International Foods. Among brands carried by Mondelez, such as Delicje, TUC, or Prince Polo, there is also E. Wedel and Milka, consituting some of the best and most highly regarded brands of sweets all over the world. Treat yourself and your guests to gingerbread-2-plumspectacular treats as you welcome the New Year with downpours of champagne!


For all of your New Year’s gourmet Polish food needs, visit or stop by any Polish or European deli which carries Lowell Foods products. Make your first New Year’s resolution to eat healthy, delicious, and nutritious foods from now on, starting with Polish foods only from Lowell Foods! For an exquisite natural taste than cannot be substituted!


Happy New Year from Lowell Foods!


Merry Christmas from Lowell Foods!

Christmas Banner WebsiteAs you’ll wrap up your Christmas Eve dinner with you family, friends, and perhaps other loved ones, as the twinkling candles bright flame ceases a little under the weight of the already molten wax, and as the Christmas tree shines as bright as ever releasing its utmost spectacular pine scent all throughout, the delicious foods you have just eaten will start settling in and you’ll crave nothing but an invigorating cup of gourmet coffee! Under the weight of all of that warmth, coziness, and exquisite cuisine, many are bound to feel at least a bit snoozy and slumberous, carteNoir-3however, a steaming cup of the best of European coffees imported and distributed by Lowell International Foods will give you jolt to continue the festivities! Choose from a variety of coffees excellent to the finest detail – Davidoff Café, Carte Noire, or Tchibo. Whether instant, ground, or whole bean is your preferred kind to purchase, we have them all available at your fingertips!

And as you’re enjoying the wholesome cup (or mug) of full-bodied flavor of classic rich Arabica coffee, what better way to complete the tournee than with delectable and scrumptious chocolates and sweets? Whether dipped in coffee or eaten separately, they will constitute the crowning moment of your wedel-chocolate-2-peachChristmas Eve dinner as you gather around the dinner table or succumb to the comfort of your living room sofas and enjoy the sweetness! With a wide selection to choose from, Lowell International Foods will provide you with any dessert treat you may possibly crave – ranging from world-renowned brands like Mondelez and Milka, with Delicje – the soft biscuits filled with flavored jelly and layered with E. Wedel lowell-foods-tchibo-coffeechocolate; and Ptasie Mleczko – the fluffy airy milk soufflé in various flavors drenched in supple and dense chocolate; to the classic E. Wedel chocolate bars in a multitude of flavors and the classic Torcik Wedlowski – a unique wafer cake spread with delicious hazelnut cream and sinked in a thick layer of chocolate. With many kinds to choose from, it is solely up to you which you will choose – one or all! – and let the sweetness envelop you this holiday season!milka-chocolate-4-strawberry

To wrap up the Christmas spirit, Lowell Foods would like to wish all of our loyal and devoted consumers a healthy, happy, wonderful Christmas and of course – a Happy New Year! May the spirit of the festivities be with you and may all of your loved ones be there to celebrate this special time of year!

Christmas with Lowell Foods, continued

Christmas Banner WebsiteWhat would be an original, exclusive, and delicious gift you could give to someone who values and adores high quality gourmet food? Lowell Foods meats! From several varieties to choose from, some of which are now available through our online store, Lowell Foods can cater to you with our scrumptious salami’s, hams, bacons, and more! Imagine the astonishment and craving salamiyou will notice in your guests the moment they see a platter of Lowell Salami with its bold aroma and flavor, or an entire slab of Lowell Polish Smoked Bacon – for all of the bacon lovers who never get enough bacon! Or maybe you would opt for the tender and juicy taste of Lowell Polish Ham or Prestige Cooked Ham? Whichever you choose, they are bound to be a hit in your home – whether sliced on platters, as components of sandwiches, or chopped into dishes of various sort! Meat lovers everywhere will adore the gourmet Polish meats Lowell has to offer.

Christmas is a holiday that brings along an abundance of original and delectable sweets, pies, cakes, pastries, and such – the most delicious there are! Come dessert time, you will most definitely want to surprise your family and friends with something spectacular. How else if not with the help of Lowell Foods that has all of the ingredients you may need to throw one fantastic dessert spectacle! If you’re a honey5fan of preparing desserts, or maybe you’re a baker or pastry artist at heart, Lowell Foods Honeys, Fruit Syrups, Jams and Preserves will serve as the ideal complement to any one of your desserts! Lowell Honeys are raw wild honeys – completely and utterly unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. With five different varieties to choose from – Acacia, Basswood, Buckwheat, Honeydew, and Multi-Flower – you are bound to find the one for you!

Lowell Fruit Syrups are characterized by a unique fruity taste, made according to a perfected recipe. Their taste fully exemplifies the lowell-foods-syrups-02-raspberryquality of carefully selected fruit. Lowell Fruit Syrups are an excellent fruit bouquet, with an unmatched harmony of strong, fruity taste and aroma. Fruit syrups are the real essence of nature – they contain no artificial coloring or aromas! You can add them to your after-dinner tea, as a great alternative to using white cane sugar and to warm you up in the cold winter months! You may also pour them on top of ice cream, pudding, or other desserts, for an exquisitely sweet and fruity twist! With many different varieties of flavor to choose from, the choice is yours! Lowell Jams and Confiture may also be added to various desserts, or they can be used as a spread on bread or buns, or they can be eaten with a spoon straight from the jar! Whichever your favorite method, one thing is for sure – Lowell Foods Jams and Confiture are all natural, contain no artificial coloring or aromas, and they are not lowell-foods-jams-06-peachchemically preserved! The entire production process has been perfected to a point where the finished product maintains the taste, smell and color of ripe fruit. During the fruiting season, Lowell Foods Jams and Confiture are always made with the freshest of fruits, and because of this they keep the taste of home-made products, along with low-sugar content and an exceptional amount of whole or large-piece fruits!

Additionally, let us mention compotes! In other words – Fruits in Light Syrup. Compotes are mostly used as a dessert – whole or diced pieces of fruit dipped and soaked in sugar syrup, often alongside vanilla, lemon, or orange peels, cinnamon, cloves, ground or grated nuts, etc. They are often served with sour cream and biscuits, or chilled as a dessert topped with whipped cream, sugars and spices, and often steeped in alcohol for an extraordinary taste! You may also create a drinkable version lowell-foods-compotes-5-blueberryof compote by making… Kompot! Simply cook the fruits in a large volume of water, and serve chilled or warm – the remaining fruit you may just eat! With an array of fruits to choose from – Blackberries, Black Currants, Blueberries, Cherries, Greengage Plums, Plums, Red Currants, and StrawberriesLowell Foods Compotes will add a sweet hint to your Holidays that will inspire those whom you come to treat with a superior charm!



Christmas with Lowell Foods

Christmas Banner WebsiteWith Christmas being just a week away, preparations are in full swing! Christmas trees are standing proudly in full view, boasting their fragrant pine scent, glistening lights, sparkling colorful ornaments, reflective tinsels, even tempting with candy canes suspended on its delicate branches just ready to be picked and eaten, and beautifully wrapped gifts adorned with bows about to be torn open by impatient kids. The outdoor and indoor decorations are all set, with inflated snowmen, Santa Clauses and penguins waving their arms in the wind in our front yards, flashing colorful lights around the window frames and gutters, hefty stockings hanging from the fireplace, and garlands decking our halls all throughout! With all of this in place, there is just one crucial component missing from the ideal Holiday picture, and that is… Delicious food! Invite Lowell Foods into your home with our superb and natural brand-name Polish foods, as well as the brands we import from all over Europe for an exquisite homely Christmas you and your family will enjoy every minute of and are not bound to forget! Let us take you on a brief tour of all of gourmet Polish and European specialties suited ideally for the holiday table. beetroot_concentrate

Starting with Red Borscht! An indispensable and integral part of every Polish Christmas Eve dinner, Red Borscht is a traditional soup worth the place on your dinner table. Customarily consumed with small and delicate dumplings filled with cabbage, mushrooms, or both, it is also often eaten with free-floating mushrooms, or drunk plainly with a croquette on the side. For the best Red Borscht you can possibly serve, try Lowell Foods Beetroot Concentrate, which will help you make that Polish staple! Delicious due to its zesty yet sweet taste, warming qualities, and healthy dose of red beets, Lowell Beetroot Concentrate will turn your kitchen into a fabulous traditional cookery! For instructions on how to use our Beetroot Concentrate, check out our recipe from our previous post on Beetroot Concentrate – with detailed instructions and ingredients list, there is no stopping from making Red Borscht!

lowell-foods-salad-1-red-cabbageCraving soft and tender mushrooms for your Red Borscht, croquettes, or dumplings that will fill your home with the fragrance of the woods and true Christmas spirit? Try Lowell Dried Mushrooms. Dried bay bolete and porcini mushrooms are an irreplaceable part of autumn and winter holidays, which would be almost nonexistent without their taste and aroma. Whether you would like to consume them alone or stir them into a soup or dish, they are simple to prepare! Just rinse them thoroughly, immerse in hot water, and let soak for about 30 minutes. The mushrooms will swell and be ready to consume with any dish you like! You may even use the soaking water in your cooking, as it retains the color, taste, and aroma of the mushrooms! The incomparably enticing scent of Lowell Bay Bolete or Porcini mushrooms is bound to draw everyone into your home!lowell-foods-fried-1-white-cabbage

Another staple of the Polish cuisine we cannot imagine the Holidays without? Cabbage! Seemingly simple and often overlooked, yet an integral part of so many Polish dishes it will make your head spin! Whether in Hunter’s Stew, pierogis, dumplings, croquettes, soups, stuffed cabbage rolls, on the side with meats and fish, cabbage is everywhere and Lowell has all of the cabbage varieties you may desire. Try Lowell Red Cabbage Salad, pickled in vinegar, for a crispy, crunchy, and piquant taste that will complement any dish! Maybe you would like to consume cabbage warm instead? Perfect! Try our Lowell Fried White Cabbage and Fried Red Cabbage – both are savory, soft, delicate, and absolutely aromatic with all of the spices that make fried cabbage such a delectable side dish. The perfect accompaniment to roasts of various kind, whether consumed cool or warm!

lowell-foods-herring-3-dillContinuing down our line of Holiday specialties, we cannot forget about the ultimate Eastern European delicacy – and that would be the marinated herring! Lowell Foods offers a wide assortment of marinated herring fillets – in tight coils, in sauces, with vegetables, sweet or sour, tangy or zesty, the choice is yours! With no excessive time for preparation of hors d’oeuvres to surprise your guests with, what better way than to treat them to an appetizer popularized all over Europe? Maybe you would like to try the herring fillets wrapped in coils with dill, prunes, or raisins, for a perfectly gracious appetizer that may be easily picked off of platters with forks or sticks and popped straight into the mouth? A bite size sophisticated treat worth trying! Or maybe you prefer marinated herring fillets in creamy mouthwatering sauces – some of our most popular being the Herring Fillets in Sour Cream, Mustard Sauce, Dill Sauce, and Tartar Sauce! Creamy or chunky, sweet or piquant, the Lowell Marinated Herring will constitute an elegant and distinctive treat on your Christmas table!




Fruit-See Lollypops!

fruit see lollypops - logo2Who as a child has never been tempted by the sweet and colorful treat on a stick standing on display at the local grocery store? We all have! Younger and older kids alike have always adored the classic lollypop, especially if they were fruity, sweet, and bedazzling to look at! Sometimes it was even a shame to consume such a treat, but the craving was just too great! We all know the feeling, hence why Lowell has been making delicious, fruity, vivid lollypops with a vibrant multi-colored engraving, pre-packed into boxes of 50 and 100 so that you should never feel that craving again!lollypops

Ideal for use at home, in schools and cafeterias, for Halloween trick-or-treaters and Christmas stocking-stuffers alike! The convenient multi-pack boxes save you time and money when buying in bulk, while the abundance of sweetness and palatableness in every lick and bite will give the kids joy and maybe even you will get infected with this childhood delicacy!

Each lollypop is individually wrapped for convenience and avoidance of a sticky mess – whether you choose the large 50-pack lollypops or the smaller 100-pack lollypops. Unlike conventional lollypops, each Lowell Fruit-See is hand-made with the unique flower or fruit pattern literally embedded into the lollypop to make every lollypop exceptional for your child!

Get your Lowell Fruit-See Lollypops just in time for Christmas , to stuff them into stockings above the fireplace, add them to gift bags or baskets, or even hang them up on a tree if you’re an enthusiast of decorating trees with sweets! One way or another, they will prove to bring utmost joy and remind one of the carefree playful childhood days.

For the most delicious of Polish food always choose Lowell Foods!

Premium fresh sun-ripened pomegranates captured in bottles of Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks!

Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks are made of premium fresh sun-ripened pomegranates, growing and ripening in the lush and opulent fields of Georgia. The pomegranates are picked right as they mature, to preserve their distinctive fresh crisp taste. Their sweet yet slightly tart flavor only adds to the authenticity of the juice, which is pure, extracted at the source, and proves to be an immense source of antioxidants so essential to our proper body functioning.

Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and there are no preservatives added. It is one of the only natural and genuine pomegranate juice drinks pomegranate_juiceavailable on the market, making it a highly demanded product at a very competitive price!

If you love the taste and benefits that fresh ripened pomegranates can provide, but are not a fan of dealing with the copious and somewhat messy amounts of seeds in whole pomegranates, there is no better way to consume them than through drinking Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks! All of the freshness, distinct flavor, and health-related perks of pomegranates packed into capped bottles for a delicious vitamin bomb you can provide to your body every day!

Lowell Foods as a company specializes in importing and distributing delicious Polish food throughout the U.S., however, when we see an equally healthy and delectable product from surrounding European countries and beyond, we are more than inclined to import it as well! Through our Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks, we wish to provide our loyal and appreciated consumers with only the best of the best, this time arriving all the way from Georgia, where pomegranates are abundant and top-rated!

Try our Pomegranate Juice Drinks for a healthy dose of antioxidants! Look for them in stores or purchase directly through our eShop – your body will thank you for it!

For the most healthy and delicious Polish food choose Lowell Foods!

Lowell Meats – now available on our eShop!


Just in time for the Holiday season, Lowell introduced some of its most popular meat products to the eShop offer. Gourmet Polish food has never been this easily accessible – with just the click of a button you may have delicious meats on your dinner table just in time for Christmas!

The Lowell European Classic Salami is an all-time-favorite, one of Lowell’s bestsellers. Cured and smoked in the European tradition to create its bold aroma and flavor! Available in a small and large size, it is the perfect snack to be sliced and served on a platter with other gourmet meats, cheeses, fruits, and wine. Or it can be consumed as a topping on bread or buns, thinly sliced and absolutely exquisite. See for yourself and try the Salami everyone is enjoying!lowell-foods-ham-1-polish

Lowell Foods Polish Ham is yet another highly popular product in our Lowell variety. A staple among Polish foods, it is highly recognizable due to its delicate, soft texture, juicy and tender taste, and mouthwatering fragrance. Distributed all over the world, Polish Ham has gained recognition even here in America for its utmost quality and delicious taste. It is ideal for breakfast, on a bun or bread with pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, even with a hard-boiled egg and chives! It also makes for a great addition to any meat platter. Try it for yourself!

lowell-foods-bacon-1-smoked-polishThe Lowell Smoked Polish Bacon speaks for itself… Simply irresistible, whether consumed raw or fried, soft or crispy, it will never be a disappointment. The natural smoky fragrance and flavor saturates the meaty bacon for a compelling aroma! Its soft yet tender texture makes it perfect to consume simply as is, but it may also be fried on a pan for those who love a crispier bacon! Surprise your guests this holiday with an abundance of delectable and savory bacon you simply cannot miss!

Also in the eShop offer, Lowell presents the Prestige Cooked Ham. 98% Fat-Free, Fully Cooked, and Hand-Carved for an utmost ham whose quality and flavor surpasses those hams you have come to know so far! Sheerly delectable and absolutely appetizing, you are bound to fall in love with this ham the moment you try it! Packaged in an exquisite gold wrapping, there will be enough to treat all of your guests to an ambrosial snack this holiday season.lowellPrestigeHam

Whichever one you’re craving – the Lowell Salami, Polish Ham, Smoked Polish Bacon, or Prestige Cooked Ham – the Lowell site will provide you with each and every one! Making for a great and unique gift to anyone who appreciates gourmet meats and condiments, our Polish foods are bound to leave many speechless due to their exquisite taste!


Beetroot Concentrate – All you could want for a delicious Polish Red Borscht! – Just in time for Christmas Eve!

Beetroot Concentrate is the type of product that should find its place in every kitchen valuing healthy and delicious foods. A long-time staple of Polish food, beetroot concentrate is often used in the process of making the famous Polish red borscht. And what better time to cook borscht than now, with the approach of Christmas?

Most, if not all, Polish homes start their Christmas Eve dinners with steaming plates of fresh red borscht. Whether with dumplings, with mushrooms, or plain with a croquette on the side, red borscht brings to mind the warm holiday season filled with kindness, sincerity, and love. It is an almost indispensable prerequisite to starting the holiday festivities! Sharing a bowl of red borscht with your close ones will not only bring you together, but also invigorate and warm you from within. It is delicious due to its zesty and somewhat sweet yet sour taste, and with dumplings or other condiments it proves to be a very hearty and filling meal!

Now as Polish natives all over the world begin to prepare for their Christmas Eve dinners, they are bound to purchase beetroot concentrate. Because what better way to prepare deliciously satisfying red borscht? Adhering to traditional tastes, Lowell Beetroot Concentrate gives back the flavor so many of us grew up on. And if you hadn’t – let your children grow up on it! Such a simple yet beloved soup can be consumed on many different occasions, but the Holidays are usually what it is most associated with.

There is a tradition Polish people always adhere to on the Eve of Christmas… As the plates and silverware and glasses are set for every guest attending dinner, one extra set is always prepared for a unique unannounced guest. Since nobody should be alone on Christmas, that extra plate is there in case someone should stumble in our homes. Make sure all of your guests (including the unannounced ones) eat something worth remembering! Surprise them with Red Borscht made from Lowell Beetroot Concentrate! Delicious, traditional, and a uniquely Polish food!


For an incredibly delicious and traditional recipe for Polish Red Borscht, try this one!:

Ingredients: 1kg of peeled and sliced beets, 2 liters of chicken stock/broth, 150g of Lowell Beetroot Concentrate, 1 clove of garlic, 1 Tbsp of sugar, 2 bay leaves, 3 grains of allspice, a few dashes of salt and pepper, lemon juice, vinegar.

Instructions: Boil the broth, add bay leaves, allspice, salt/pepper. While cooking, add the beets, sugar, and quickly bring to a boil. Set aside, cover, and leave overnight in the refrigerator.

The next day, you may remove the beets from the broth (you may also shred or chop them to make them into fried beets for dinner). Bring the broth to a boil, add the Lowell Beetroot Concentrate and the clove of garlic. Season with lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper – according to your taste.

Bon Appetit!!!