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The 40 Day Lent

  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the forty-day-long Lent. The main message passed along during this time is focused on the spiritual preparation for the miracle of Christ’s Resurrection. The events leading up to the Resurrection are the foundation of the Church and the faith as we know it. Because these are the most [Continue]

Premium fresh sun-ripened pomegranates captured in bottles of Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks!

Lowell Pomegranate Juice Drinks are made of premium fresh sun-ripened pomegranates, growing and ripening in the lush and opulent fields of Georgia. The pomegranates are picked right as they mature, to preserve their distinctive fresh crisp taste. Their sweet yet slightly tart flavor only adds to the authenticity of the juice, which is pure, extracted [Continue]

Carte Noire

Experience the romance with gourmet coffee from a country that embodies the café culture, and try a cup of exceptional aromatic Carte Noire – provided to you by Lowell International Foods. The authentic Arabica Carte Noire blend hailing from France captures the passionate affair the French have with their coffee. From the moment it was [Continue]

Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, and Panna Cotta – E. Wedel

Lowell is proud to introduce to you three brand new flavors of the classic E. Wedel chocolate – so irresistible and exceptional you will be dying to get more! E. Wedel brand new unique chocolates with Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, and Panna Cotta filling were created for the ones who love sweet desserts and culinary journeys. [Continue]

Fried White and Red Cabbage!!!

It is impossible to imagine Polish cuisine without cabbage. It is cabbage which for generations has enhanced the flavor of many hearty and nutritious dishes. Even our great-grandmothers eagerly invented recipes for delicious cabbage dishes! And so, alongside traditional cabbage soup, there came about stuffed cabbage, dumplings and croquettes with cabbage filling, and fried cabbage [Continue]

Lowell Fried Carrot with Celery

Lowell makes fried carrot just the way your mothers and grandmothers would make it at home – simply, yet perfectly, adhering to only the highest of standards. A product native to Poland, it is known throughout the Eastern European community and should just as well be introduced into the American community, due to its utmost [Continue]

Lowell Greek Feta Cheese

Lowell Greek Feta is an authentic, all-natural product of Greece. It is packed into airtight plastic wrap or plastic containers with brine, which prevents loss of moisture so characteristic of feta cheese, as well as protects it from spoiling. Feta cheese is a product that may be stored for a long time. Feta cheese is [Continue]

Lowell Herring Fillets in 4 Different Sauces!

Lowell Foods offers a wide assortment of herring fillets, some of which we’ve already introduced to you in a previous post! However, this time, we would like to introduce a special collection of herring fillets in four different sauces which come in convenient plastic containers – easy to open and re-open! The traditional and most [Continue]

Lowell Foods Salmon Fillets with Capers

Why should we really eat salmon? Salmon meat is one of the best reservoirs of omega-3 fatty acids (it contains more “good fats” than we can provide for our bodies in an entire several-day-rationing of food), which have an immediate effect on the correct development of tissues in the nervous system. Consuming salmon is associated [Continue]

Lowell Dried Mushrooms!

They are a component in many dishes in the Polish cuisine as well as other cuisines of the world. Drying mushrooms allows for long-term storage while maintaining the taste of fresh mushrooms. Under appropriate conditions, they can remain edible for up to 3 years! The preparation of dried mushrooms starts with rinsing them thoroughly, followed [Continue]