Cheeses by Lowell International Foods

Lowell Foods Cheeses are made according to recipes perfected over tens and hundreds of years. Our Greek Feta is an authentic, fully natural Greece product, produced from a mixture of pasteurized sheep's and goat's milk. The use of preservatives or coloring is strictly forbidden, making Lowell Greek Feta one of the most valuable cheeses on the market.

Our Farmers Cheese comes in variations of 0% Fat, 2% Fat, and 4% Fat, all of which possess the soft creamy texture, delicate white color, subtle fragrance, and tender yet mild taste. Lowell Farmers Cheese is a simple yet unique type of cheese, attained using modest yet pure methods incorporated by our grandparents in the lush Polish countryside.

Our large yellow sliceable cheeses - Gouda, Mazowiecki, Podlaski, Krolewski, and Morski - are staples in Polish households and essential components of sandwiches, platters, and various dishes. Delicious, delectable, and fragrant!
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