Fruits in Light Syrups by Lowell International Foods

Lowell International Foods has been providing fruits in light syrup to the European community in the U.S. so as to carry on the legacy of a delicious dessert reaching as far back as the 17th century in its creation. Our compotes will add a delicate and sweet hint to your day that will inspire those whom you come to treat with a superior charm. Simply scoop the fruits out of the jar and onto ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheesecake, or any other dessert, and the juice you may just drink! We guarantee it will instill a whiff of the natural orchards and fields of Europe into your daily routine.

Appreciated and encompassed by a multitude or exceptional cuisines all over Europe, Lowell International Foods has made it available to the American community as well. Taste the goodness coming straight from Lowell International Foods jars of Fruits in Light Syrup!
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