Traditional Polish Dishes by Lowell International Foods

Lowell Traditional Polish Dishes incorporate everything there is to love about Polish cuisine. From White and Red Cabbage, which is fried with various spices to bring out its utmost flavor as a side dish with various meats and fish, to Fried Carrot with Celery and Shredded Fried Beetroots, constituting a vegetable medley unlike no other! Lowell Baked Beans with Tomatoes and Mushrooms are the ideal dish for a filling robust meal with plenty of protein, Lowell Large Butter Beans are optimal for those who prefer to cook their own dishes with beans, while Lowell Hunter’s Stew (Bigos), one of the most popular and superior staples of the Polish cuisine, is a hearty dish worth consuming all year long!

With all of our Traditional Polish Dishes ready to serve upon simply heating, they are the perfect choice for individuals valuing supreme quality of natural gourmet food which at the same time requires no complicated preparation.
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